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The Wanderer finds New Paths

Are you eager to travel? No wonder, so are we! All that pent-up desire accumulated over this past year makes us want to go somewhere really special. These are the 5 places that we recommend to all globetrotters in 2021.

Our recommended destinations for GLOBETROTTERS

So, you’re a globetrotter? Welcome! You are a very special kind of traveler, and we’re always happy to meet one of you. In addition to the many characteristics you’ll find about yourself in our travel personality descriptions, we also know that being a globetrotter means traveling in a more romantic way, cultivating curiosity and immersing yourself responsibly in the history and environment of the places you visit. We love that, too.

Are you eager to travel? No wonder, so are we! All that pent-up desire accumulated over this past year makes us want to go somewhere really special. Perhaps one of those destinations that have been on our list for a long time? These are the 5 places that we recommend to all globetrotters in 2021.

Before we dive into it, here is a quick story about a book that you will enjoy.

Jupiter’s Travels

Jupiter’s Travels is considered a cult book for all lovers of travel literature. Its author, Ted Simon, narrates his four-year journey around the world covering 126,000 kilometers and 45 countries on a Triumph motorcycle.

In his journey, Simon crossed mountain ranges, jungles, deserts, and oceans. He lived with peasants and presidents, slept in prisons and palaces, and endured wars and revolutions. He experienced the depths of fear, the peaks of euphoria and the rewards of love.

“He who lives sees much. He who travels sees more.”

Arabic proverb

So, let’s emulate Ted and get ready to travel with all our senses. Pack your suitcase and prepare to enjoy our 5 recommended destinations. If any of them tickles your fancy, you know that our Local Destination Experts are at your service.

Have a great trip!


American Samoa

Scattered around the world from the Caribbean to the Pacific, the U.S. territories are islands of spectacular scenery and lively culture. American Samoa, for example, comprises 7 volcanic islands in the Pacific where it’s possible to hike through coconut and mango forests to spectacular viewpoints or secluded villages where you’ll have the chance to learn about Polynesian traditions.


Untamed territory

The Sierra de la Giganta in Baja California, the Ayoloco Glacier in Iztaccihuatl, the dunes of Samayaluca in Chihuahua, the Coloradas in Yucatan, Huasca de Ocampo in Hidalgo. These are just some of the wild destinations that will alter your perceptions of Mexico. They’re places reserved only for those who dare to go beyond the usual and get out into nature to discover the rewards of stepping off the beaten path.

Of course, Mexico has it all: deserts, forests, jungles, mountains and coastal destinations that few have seen. Are you ready to get to know them all?


The country of 1000 rhythms

Colombia is a country of contrasts. It’s got unexplored landscapes, vast biodiversity, rich cultures and ancient histories, not to mention welcoming people full of energy and passion. A recent arrival on the global travel map, visitors can enjoy both lush landscapes and unique experiences, making it highly recommended for globetrotters in 2021.


Explosion of energy

Welcome to the country that melds great cultural riches with landscapes as docile as they are wild and beautiful cities where East and West have been intertwined for centuries. Visit Serbia for its vibrant culture, unique natural beauty, ancient monasteries, archaeological sites, castles, spas, ethnic villages, gastronomy and nightlife. 


In search of the Tasmanian devil

Tasmania spans about 68,401 square kilometers and has a population of just 527,000. It’s an island known for its breathtaking and unique nature, with about 42% of the territory protected. And guess what? No matter what time of year you visit, Tasmania’s natural beauty is captivating. And what about the capital? Hobart has an extensive and diverse range of cultural experiences, and its gastronomic offer is enviable. If that wasn’t enough, it’s home to one of the world’s most intriguing art galleries, as well as a fascinating convict history.

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