Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan.  Photo by Frits Meyst

Great Hikes for Great Adventures

Fancy an adventure? These are the 5 destinations we recommend to every adventurer in 2021. They’re 5 great routes to travel through 5 different countries. You’ll enjoy 5 fascinating landscapes and get to know 5 exciting cultures.

Our recommended destinations for ADVENTURERS

So, you’re an adventurer? Welcome to Baboo! You are a very special kind of traveler, and we’re always happy to meet one of you. In addition to the many characteristics you’ll find about yourself in our travel personality descriptions, we also know that being adventurous means seeing everything a little differently, doing your own thing and not having problems with the fact that it might not fit the world’s idea of what you should do with your life. Isn’t that right?

Fancy an adventure? These are the 5 destinations we recommend to every adventurer in 2021. They’re 5 great routes to travel through 5 different countries. You’ll enjoy 5 fascinating landscapes and get to know 5 exciting cultures.

Before we dive into it, here is a quick story about a great African traveler that you will enjoy.

An adventure at every turn

2021 is a year of uncertainties. Of not being able to make too many predictions. Of risks. It’s a year that seems made for adventure. And at Baboo, we believe that great walks are always great adventures. They are, after all, an adventure at every step. That’s why we want to propose 5 great routes in 5 beautiful countries of the world. We’ve put together 5 itineraries where you can enjoy, step by step, the landscapes, people, history, culture and gastronomy of 5 unique countries.

To motivate you, we’re going to first tell you the story of a great traveler: Ibn Battuta, the African answer to Marco Polo. Born in Morocco, Ibn Battuta traveled nearly 75,000 miles in the 14th century through almost all the Muslim countries of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It was an odyssey that took him 29 years of his life, in which he had time to live countless adventures and to marry and divorce ten times! A pioneering traveler with an unwavering passion for exploration, he had only one rule in his life: “Never travel any road a second time”.

“Only in adventure do some people succeed in knowing themselves, in finding themselves.”

André Gide

So, get your backpack out of the closet, dust off your boots, and get ready to enjoy our 5 recommended destinations. If any of them check all the right boxes, just know that our Local Destination Experts are at your service.

Bon voyage!


The Costa Rica Trail

The Costa Rica Trail is an initiative that aims to promote rural tourism that respects the environment and the sustainable development of local communities.

The itinerary starts on the Caribbean coast, in the villages of Parismina or Barra del Pacuare, and ends 16 days later in Quepos after a journey of 210 kilometers.


The Route of Parks

The Route of Parks is a grand vision for the conservation of Chilean Patagonia. It spans 17 national parks and involves the protection of 113,311 square kilometers.

This scenic route runs 2,736 kilometers between Puerto Montt, in the north, and Cape Horn, in the south, and is an economic driver for more than 60 communities along the way.


Jordan Trail

The Jordan Trail is a long-distance hiking route in Jordan that connects the north and south of the country from Um Qais to the coastal city of Aqaba. 

It’s a total of 40 days of hiking along more than 675 kilometers of trail, traveling through 75 villages and towns along the way.


Kumano Kodo

The Kumano Kodo Trail, a network of trails connecting the Kumano Sanzan shrines, is one of the most famous pilgrimage routes in Japan.

This scenic path is well known for its abundant vegetation and serene mountains, not to mention the great spirituality involved in traveling between shrines.



The Landmannalaugar Trek is not only an icon of adventure in Iceland; it’s considered one of the most spectacular treks in the world

In only 6 days, you’ll see an incredible variety of landscapes from lava fields to rhyolite mountains, natural hot springs, glaciers, ash deserts, fumaroles, volcanoes and more. A journey in stages, you rest in mountain huts along the way.

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