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Personalities: TOURISTS

Your personality stands out for its honesty and coherence. You enjoy sightseeing considerably, and feel that having a local guide accompanying you is indispensable.
tourist personality

The magic of traveling doesn’t happen by mistake. It happens when a trip is carefully planned with the help of structured and well-executed itineraries.

You love it when your trip goes perfectly as planned, just as we love planning perfect trips for you. You value the tranquility and peace of mind that you experience when everything goes smoothly, just like you hoped it would.

“You value the security, organization, and commitment of guided group travel”

Your personality stands out for its honesty and coherence. Before traveling, you search online for inspiration on where to go, and you inform yourself by watching travel shows on TV. Sometimes you make lists of places you can’t miss and search for their rankings on the internet. You can be quite structured and stable, analyzing all decisions you make with risk reduction in mind. You don’t travel very frequently, and when you do, you sometimes prefer to take the more reliable route, rather than the road less traveled.

You may choose a family road trip over a long-haul flight to avoid facing uncertainties. You prefer visiting places with a well-earned reputation, rather than experiment with newly discovered spots which might turn out to be less satisfying. You value the security and stability of guided group travel. You appreciate group organization and effectiveness, especially when the guide delivers on their commitments. A deal is a deal, and you don’t want any surprises or hiccups from start to finish.

You enjoy sightseeing considerably, and feel that having a local guide accompanying you is indispensable. They are a huge help when resolving problematic situations like exchanging money, interpreting languages or navigating the confusing streets of a foreign country. You seek excellent value for money and entertainment not unlike what you can find at home. Traveling is your moment to enjoy the things you normally don’t have time for, like movies, cookouts, golf or the beach. Indeed, resorts enchant you.

“If a place is crowded, it must be great!”

Your rule of thumb is, “If it’s crowded, it must be great!” In fact, from time to time you enjoy mingling with strangers and meeting people on group activities such as catamaran rides, amusement park visits or, perhaps, wine tastings.

Those people contribute to the quality of your experiences. If you take a particular liking to a destination or trip, you don’t think twice about booking your next trip to come back again right away.

And you know what? At Baboo we have tons of those destinations we know will be a guaranteed hit.

Here are some incredible adventures designed for the Tourist’s Personality. They are created by local professionals and are completely customizable to fit your needs. 

Check them out and see if there are any tours that interest you:

Connect with a Local In-destination Expert to plan a personalized trip for your TOURIST Travel Personality.

What is Baboo?

We are a travel platform that connects travelers with local in-destination experts worldwide depending on their trip requirements and personalities to build custom trips.

Below you can find our Local Experts for the TOURIST Travel Personality:

All of our local in-destination experts are hand-picked, highly experienced, licensed, and insured professionals, all driven by a commitment to creating outstanding trips for you. You can contact them, and they would be happy to help you build a custom trip.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about your TOURIST personality type! Let us now see how Baboo is changing the way people travel.

Travel with Confidence, Travel Risk-free

At Baboo, we are devoted to ensuring that your return to travel following the pandemic is secure and risk-free.


Let’s regenerate the planet together

We overcompensate your entire journey’s carbon footprint including flights – for free.

Waking up with the light of dawn coming through the tent. To lookout to see that we have slept under the shelter of a vast cactus, a few meters from a paradisaical beach and with the distant silhouettes of volcanic mountains drawn on the horizon. A hearty breakfast before an intense yet soothing day of kayaking in the warm waters of Loreto Bay.


First of all, we have to warn you of a few dangers,” says Axel, our chief guide on the three-day sea kayaking trip in Loreto Bay. “On land, watch out for scorpions and tarantulas. Above all, close your backpacks and tents tightly, and be careful before reaching in or lying down. When you enter the water, try not to step on the sand but slide your feet to avoid being stung by the blankets. And once inside watch where you rest your hands, the scorpionfish camouflages itself very well in the rocks and its stings are fearsome and very painful.”

Wow, it seems that the rural sunrise picture hides a not-so-friendly nature. “Don’t believe it,” Axel tells me: “the most common and most serious problems we deal with on these trips are the result of dehydration and sunstroke… Ah! And a lot of cuts from walking barefoot on the beaches.”

PICTURE: FJ González
PICTURE: FJ González
PICTURE: FJ González
PICTURE: FJ González
PICTURE: FJ González
PICTURE: FJ González
Asdrubal Luna / Unsplash
Asdrubal Luna / Unsplash

Get a dedicated team of local experts
working on your custom trip today

Get a dedicated team of local experts working on your custom trip today

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