Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

What does a perfect couple’s holiday destination entail for you? Is it sandy beaches, lush meadows, snowy mountains, cultural music, cuisine, or world-renowned historical sites? Spain, Southern Europe’s largest country, has everything you need for a memorable visit at any time of the year.

Tourists get to enjoy idyllic walks on isolated coastlines and active nightlife in eccentric cities. What’s more, the country is traversed by world-class highways, hailed as among the best roads for tourists to drive.

Traveling together to Spain

However, without the right guide, or an idea of where you are headed, it is easy to get lost in this beautiful nation.

To help you out, below are the top 5 holidays destinations to visit as a couple in Spain.


Beaches, pirates and nightlife

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

It is not without a good reason that Ibiza is synonymous with fun, nightlife, and crazy fall scenes. The island is popular as an adult-only vacation destination for people across the world. There are breathtaking coastlines where you can swim, sunbathe, and enjoy picnics.

Some of the best attractions of Ibiza are nightclubs and hotels just off the coast. The air is filled with electronic dance music that attracts large crowds in colorful clothing. You can also take the party out into the sea. Boat cruises tour the Mediterranean, taking merrymakers to observe marine life, including the luminescent jellyfish.  

For lovers of history, Ibiza is a World Heritage site. You can discover hundreds of Phoenician cultural sites dating back to the 7th century. There are also underground caverns where pirates and smugglers hid treasures. The biggest of these is the Can Marca, a large cave with waterfalls, stalagmites, and waterfalls.

Nicknamed the island of pirates, Ibiza retains cultures and art from ancient seafarers. As such, the influences of Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, and Arabs can still be felt today. 

The island has cliffs and mountains to get your holiday dose of cardio workout away from the caves and sand. Dalt Vila is up in the mountain overlooking the sea, an old town from the Phoenician era. Spain couples flock here for breathtaking photo opportunities around a stone drawbridge, secret tunnels, and unique flora.  



A Mediterranean paradise

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

There’s some excitement that comes from being surrounded by fellow holidaymakers, but if what you are looking for is a quieter and more relaxed couple in Spain experience, then Formentera could just be your destination.

One of the Balearic Islands, Formentera, lies to the South of the island of Ibiza. Pristine beaches, undisturbed nature, remote vibes, and picturesque landscapes are but a few phrases to describe the island.

On Illetes Beach, you can enjoy lounging on the white sands sandwiched by therapeutic blue waters. You can also engage in water sports with rental equipment and explore the preserved seagrass and marine ecosystem that’s part of the Ses Salines National Park off the coast.

To help you take in the island’s beautiful scenery, there are four towers, originally built as part of a defense system, now prominent landmarks. Like most other tourists, you can try Torre de Punta Prima and Torre de la Gavina. 

Is cycling something you enjoy doing together? The scenic Circuitos Verdes cycling route beckons, and with mountain bikes and e-bike rentals available all over the island, nothing should stop you.

For some Mediterranean food and drinks coupled with beautiful sea views, you can try the several restaurants dotting the island and don’t leave without buying some souvenirs from the Mercat de la Mola at the village of Pillar de Mola. 


The ultimate urban holiday

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

For the ultimate urban holiday, Benidorm is the destination to visit as a couple in Spain. This is a beachfront city with a skyscraper skyline and vibrant nightlife. The area is iconic for its two crescent-shaped beaches, Levante and Poniente, locally translated to “sun rising” and “sun setting,” respectively.

Levante is Benidorm’s busiest beach, stretching over 1.2 miles (ca. 2 km). To get your fill of Spanish cuisine, make your way to Tapas Alley, the center of the old town. The aroma of patatas bravas (spicy fried potatoes), albondigas (meatballs), and cañas (beers) fill the air.

Poniente beach is quieter and best suited for a discreet romantic getaway. Couples with kids also find the spot ideal for family vacations. Here, even with a wheelchair, you can comfortably avoid the water and sand by sticking to the boardwalks.  

Water-oriented theme parks dot this Spanish city, including the famous Terra Mítica, a Roman, Greek, and Egyptian attraction. Don’t miss the Titánide, an inverted roller coaster propelling you up to 100 km/h on loops and disk-shaped bends. Besides, in the outskirts of Levente are Aqualandia and Mundomar twinned family theme parks.

To keep off the summer crowd, hike over to the Benidorm Cross, located in the Sierra Helada natural park. The reserve comes with 300-meter-high cliffs and trails spanning across 13,750 acres of pristine land.


A landscape from another planet

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

Is your idea of a romantic getaway boisterous and full of life? Then you will be right at home in Lanzarote. Apparently, the number of daily visitors to the island of Lanzarote is typically more than half the total number of its all-year-round inhabitants!

Yet, the versatility of Lanzarote as a tourist destination also means that Spain couples looking to spend some time alone can also feel welcome here.

For starters, Lanzarote enjoys a great climate all year round. With temperatures averaging at around 220C (720F), you can almost always swim and sunbathe at the island’s stunning, unspoiled beaches.

Speaking of beaches, Playa de Papagayo tops the list with its cliff-sheltered, fine golden sands, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can head to the remote Playa de las Conchas on the northern coast of Lanzarote. There are several other beaches where you can swim, snorkel, and kayak.

The product of a volcanic eruption, this island gives you a spectacular view of volcanic landscapes. More specifically, you can tour the most remarkable transformation of the island’s volcanic terrain that stands as the César Manrique Museum. It not only stands in a lava field but is also the center of the Island’s art and architecture.

Want a taste of some good domestic wine/you will be happy to know that Lanzarote makes its own wine from its homegrown vines. Just head to La Geria in the south-central part of the island!

Do you want to enjoy an adventure trip in the Canary Islands?


An adventure of a lifetime

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

Barcelona is an international city founded by the Romans in the Middle Ages. Ancient architecture and culture still persist in the region, including UNESCO heritage sites. Typically, Spain couples prefer Barcelona for its elegant museums, lounge scenes, and outdoor cafés.

This is a city for the artistic and enlightened couple searching for an intellectually stimulating environment. Start off your tour with a visit to Palau de la Música Catalana, an auditorium that seats over 2,000 people. Its architecture is unique to ensure that lighting is entirely natural during the day.

Another heritage site of interest is the Parc Güell, a surrealist park established in the early 1900s. It is defined by winding staircases, fountains, and viaducts. For your private talks, there are semi-closed seats in strategic locations around the park. There are also picnic areas providing a sweeping view of the city and the water below.

Barcelona also boasts modernist architecture, chiefly the Camp Nou. This is the home field of Barcelona Football Club, a European soccer giant. You can buy tickets in advance for thrilling matches or take a tour of the Barça Museum. Located within the stadium, here you’ll find trophies and media for the club, dating back over a century.

Visit Barcelona and the south of Spain with this fantastic tour for couples.

The Takeaway

What’s the Best Time for Couples in Spain?

Top 5 Holidays Destinations to visit as a couple in Spain

The best time for visiting Spain is from late May to early October.

Fun peaks around August and September, including an annual giant firework display on 8th August in Ibiza. Nevertheless, the country enjoys favorable all-year-round weather and evergreen attractions for all.

That said, is Spain the ideal destination for you as a couple? 

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