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5 Mouthwatering reasons to visit Croatia

Croatia is a small Central European and Mediterranean country. It is known as the country with more than 1000 islands and breathtaking views, but besides its beautiful untouched nature, Croatia is also known for its rich-in-flavors traditional cuisine.

Due to that, as well as in order to introduce you to the Croatian heterogeneous cuisine, let’s talk about 5 must-try, must-indulge, and mouthwatering dishes and desserts which will beautifully contribute to your entire traveling experience!

Komiška Pogača

Komiška pogača is one of the trademark dishes of the island of Vis. The island’s inhabitants use accessible, simple, and everyday ingredients in order to create interesting and tasty dishes. Komiška pogača (or Komiža’s bread) presents baked homemade dough with a delicious filling made of salted anchovies, tomato juice, oregano, parsley, and olive oil. All the ingredients are beautifully combined into an excellent palette of Mediterranean flavors.

On the opposite side of the island, there is one traditional recipe which is quite similar to this one – it is for Viška pogača. The dish is basically the same, it is just prepared without the tomato sauce. Fun fact is that in the past, Komiška pogača was only prepared in the summer when the people had fresh tomatoes. For the rest of the year, the entire island was preparing Viška pogača.


Risotto is surely one of the favorite dishes in the country, especially on the Croatian coast and islands. There are 3 types of risotto that will certainly seduce your palate and taste buds. White risotto with prawns (or some other type of seafood such as shrimps and shells) is a delicious and creamy dish that amazingly combines rice and seafood.

Black risotto is made with cuttlefish which gives the rice that characteristic black coloring. Due to that, black risotto is quite an amazing specialty. Skradin risotto stands out because it takes 20 hours to prepare it. It combines rice, veal shank, veal neck, chicken, and vegetables, and with a touch of parmesan and Skradin wine, the dish is simply amazing!


Sea kayaking is one of the most beautiful ways to intensely enjoy the landscapes of Lofoten. It’s also the perfect vehicle to discover hidden corners Croats love to barbecue. And it is a big deal! Barbecuing in Croatia is a time for gatherings, family time, and enjoying with friends – and one of the must-prepared dishes on the barbecue is called ražnjići.

Ražnjići are small pieces of meat placed on the wooden or metal skewers and then grilled on a barbecue. The meat can be pork or chicken, and it can be combined with grilled vegetables such as green and red bell peppers – you can even combine meat and vegetables on skewers, from bell peppers to onion, tomato, pickles, and more. In the end, grilled ražnjići offer quite a juiciness and tastiness!


In Istria, you must try the pasta. That’s it, that’s the rule. This Croatian region is known for its indigenous pasta – pasutice, pljukanci, fidelini, ravijoli, makaruni, rigationi, and gnocchi are just a couple of pasta which is prepared in Istria in the most delicious ways. But if we’re speaking of a must, then fuži is your must-indulge pasta. Fuži are small, spindle-looking pasta which is, unlike other more classic pasta, prepared only with flour and water.

When it comes to their terrific gastronomy combinations, fuži are usually served with a mild red sauce made with tomatoes, onions, and white wine, but they are also combined with different types of meat and seafood. No matter the combination, fuži are simply a must!


Now, this is a true delicacy. Simple, yet rich in flavors, as well as glamours and elegant – those are the words to describe rožata. Rožata or rozata is a traditional Dalmatian pudding with a caramel dressing. Its recipe dates from 1300 and it amazingly combines vanilla flavoring, rose liqueur, orange peel, and sugary caramel.

The flavors are outstanding, its nuances are delicious, and its glamorous shape is simply breathtaking. Rožata is a sweet delicacy of all the Dalmatia, but especially of Dubrovnik where it originates from. This dessert is a beautiful heritage of that region, and it is nurtured for centuries in order to preserve its traditional values and true beauty.

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