Your 7-Day Itinerary to Explore Agios Georgios Beach, Antiparos.

Experience the effortless charm and unhurried pace of Antiparos with this 7-day itinerary. From the serene waters of Agios Georgios Beach to the archaeological wonders of Despotiko Island, this Antiparos journey promises relaxation, exploration, and culinary delights.

Day 1: Agios Georgios Beach and Despotiko Island

  • Morning: Begin your journey at Agios Georgios Beach. Its golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and Cycladic architecture offer a tranquil ambiance for sunbathing or swimming.
  • Afternoon: Continue to unwind on the beach or go snorkeling to explore the vibrant sea life.
  • Evening: Dine at “Captain Pipinos”, renowned for its authentic Greek cuisine and stunning views over the sea.

Day 2: Saliagos Island and Psaraliki Beach

  • Morning: Visit Saliagos Island, known to be the earliest known prehistoric settlement in the Aegean area.
  • Afternoon: Head to Psaraliki Beach, a popular sandy beach with calm waters ideal for swimming and sunbathing.
  • Evening: Enjoy a delightful dinner at “Pavlos Place”, famous for its traditional dishes and friendly atmosphere.

Day 3: Antiparos Cave and Antiparos Town

  • Morning: Explore the Antiparos Cave, known for its striking stalactite and stalagmite formations.
  • Afternoon: Discover the charm of Antiparos town with its narrow streets, local shops, and lovely cafes.
  • Evening: Relish your meal at “Lollo’s Pizzeria Antiparos” for an exquisite blend of Italian and Greek flavors.

Day 4: Faneromeni Beach

  • Morning and Afternoon: Spend a day at Faneromeni Beach, a beautiful sandy beach perfect for relaxation. Its crystal-clear waters offer great opportunities for snorkeling.
  • Evening: Enjoy a dinner at “Sunset Deseo”, a beachfront restaurant known for its great food and stunning sunset views.

Day 5: Despotiko Island Archaeological Site

  • Morning and Afternoon: Visit the archaeological site on Despotiko Island. Discover the remnants of an ancient sanctuary and civilization, which offer a fascinating glimpse into the past.
  • Evening: Savor a delightful dinner at “T’ageri – Ouzo & Food”, lauded for its excellent local dishes and comfortable ambiance.

Day 6: Vathis Volos Beach

  • Morning and Afternoon: Visit Vathis Volos Beach. This secluded beach is perfect for a peaceful day out, offering mesmerizing views of the turquoise sea.
  • Evening: Conclude your day with a hearty meal at “Kouzina Mageireia Ouzeri”, well-known for its authentic local cuisine.

Day 7: Livadia Beach

  • Morning and Afternoon: Spend your final day on Livadia Beach, a beautiful, secluded beach that’s perfect for relaxation and sunbathing.
  • Evening: Wrap up your Antiparos journey with a delightful dinner at “Argo Restaurant”, famous for their seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

From the tranquil charm of Agios Georgios Beach to the vibrant life of Antiparos town, this itinerary offers the best of Antiparos. Each memory will evoke the unrivaled beauty and unique experiences of this serene Greek island.

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