Your 7-Day Itinerary to Explore Chirihama Nagisa Beach, Japan.

Welcome to Chirihama Nagisa, a remarkable beach located on the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa, Japan. Unique in its offering, this beach allows you to drive or cycle along its sandy shore, a feature not often found elsewhere. Below is a seven-day itinerary that encapsulates the beauty of Chirihama Nagisa and its vibrant surroundings.

Day 1: Welcome to Chirihama Nagisa

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

Begin your journey with the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway. Enjoy the thrill of driving or cycling along the beach while soaking in the beauty of the waves and horizon.

Dinner: Wrap up your day at Ikkon, a highly acclaimed restaurant known for its Ishikawa-specialty dishes.

Day 2: Exploring Hakui City

Hakui City Space Science Museum

Start your day with a visit to the Hakui City Space Science Museum. The museum is an ode to space exploration, complete with a replica of the Apollo Lunar Module.

Dinner: Relish a scrumptious meal at Kaiyo Sushi, renowned for its fresh sushi options and local Japanese delicacies.

Day 3: A Dive into History

Keta Great Shrine

Visit the Keta Great Shrine, one of the oldest Shinto shrines in the Hokuriku region. Absorb the historic significance and tranquility of this sacred place.

Dinner: Enjoy a sumptuous seafood meal at Uomasa, a local favorite for fresh, regional seafood dishes.

Day 4: A Splash of Nature

Shiroyone Senmaida

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Shiroyone Senmaida, a terraced rice field that’s especially breathtaking when lit up at night.

Dinner: Head to Irohanihoheto, a delightful restaurant specializing in Japanese and seafood dishes.

Day 5: Nature and Adventure

Ganmon Rocks

Explore the natural wonder of Ganmon Rocks. These striking rock formations along the coastline offer fascinating sights and exceptional photo opportunities.

Dinner: Dine at Hakui Soba, praised for its delicious soba noodles and tempura.

Day 6: Uncover Local Traditions

Wajima Morning Market

Immerse yourself in local culture by visiting the Wajima Morning Market, one of the oldest and most famous morning markets in Japan.

Dinner: Visit Restaurant Yuki, loved by locals for its diverse menu and warm atmosphere.

Day 7: Farewell to Chirihama Nagisa

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

Spend your final day leisurely driving or cycling along the beach, collecting last memories of the picturesque sight.

Dinner: Conclude your journey at Kakio, which is known for its exquisite seafood selection and traditional Japanese dishes.

Embark on this seven-day journey through Chirihama Nagisa to discover its unique charm, historic treasures, and natural beauty. From scenic drives along the beach to exploring local culture and cuisine, you’re sure to gather memories that will last a lifetime.

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