The 10 Best Attractions in South Africa

South Africa is one of the best destinations in the world for diversity. It is a haven for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and history buffs. We are excited to tell you more about what there is to discover in an iconic African country. Here are the ten best attractions in South Africa.
South Africa

South Africa is a country well known for its cultural diversity, complicated past, and outstanding natural beauty, as well as its endless abundance of wildlife, so if that doesn’t inspire you to want to add this to your destination bucket list, then we don’t know what will. 

South Africa was once a place many feared traveling to. Still, times have certainly changed, and we will delve into what you need to know about this beautiful country, starting with the iconic attractions this country beholds. 

We highly encourage you to get in touch with a local ‘Destination Expert,’ who can ensure you don’t miss out on a thing during your epic adventure to the bottom of Africa. There is a range of eco-friendly tours in South Africa which incorporate all of these attractions, so take a look and be inspired. But for now, here are some of the best attractions you cannot miss out on.

How excited are we to delve right into the best attractions of South Africa, so let’s get started.

1: Table Mountain

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is to Cape Town as the Sugarloaf is to Rio de Janeiro, and both find themselves part of the iconic image of their cities. So there is no way you will want to miss out on an up-close and personal experience of this famous South African attraction.

This unique flat-topped Mountain is a prominent landmark of the city of Cape Town and one of the most famous landmarks in the country. It offers incredible hiking opportunities, stunning vistas, and a perfect focal point. Still, it also has a panoramic cable car taking you right to the top if you want to sit back and relax.

2: Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

Many people who go to South Africa have a few significant points of interest, wine tasting, seeing Table Mountain, and going on safari, which is where Kruger National Park comes in. This is the most famous place in the country to go on safari and is one of the largest in South Africa, located in the country’s Northeastern part. Here, you will find a range of accommodation options ranging from budget to luxury standards and many safari options, which will give you the best possibility to spot the African Big 5. 

3: Capetown


Cape Town is one of the most vibrant and incredible cities you can hope to visit, with such a phenomenal setting on the south coast, made complete by a backdrop of the jaw-dropping Table Mountain. Cape Town has many trendy neighborhoods to explore, such as the V&A Waterfront (aka Victoria & Alfred), Bo-Kaap, Seapoint, Camps Bay, Houts Bay, Woodstock, Observatory, and many more. You can spend the day walking through areas oozing bohemian vibes, surfer vibes, hipster vibes, small-town vibes, and luxurious vibes, all of which will blow you away.

4: The Garden Route

The Garden Route

The most famous route for an epic South African road trip is the Garden Route, which has become a prominent attraction it’s in its own right. It begins from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape and follows along in a straight line for 200 scenic kilometers (124miles), all the way to Stormsriver in the Eastern Cape. So why does everyone love The Garden Route, known as the Ultimate South African road trip? Some of the main things you will discover along the way include world-class beaches, a range of historical sites, George- one of the country’s oldest towns, 4.5-billion-year-old caves at Oudtshoorn, and Seven Passes Road well as numerous places for wildlife spotting.

5: The Wine Region

The Wine Region

If you know your wine, you will undoubtedly know that South Africa has top-class wine and regions that you have to visit on your trip. These include Stellenbosch, Paarl & Franschhoek, to name a small few, so no matter where you are in the country, you won’t be too far away from some fantastic wine tasting. Not only is the wine in South Africa out of this world, but the history of the country’s wine production and influences is something that wine connoisseurs and history enthusiasts will thrive on.

6: Cape of Good Hope

Cape Of Good Hope

Did you know that Cape Town is the only city in the entire world where two oceans meet – the cold Atlantic Ocean to one side and the warm Indian Ocean to the other? The Cape of Good Hope is a spot that attracts many tourists each year, so much so that you can expect a queue of people waiting to take a photo with the sign at any time of the day.

This is a place with a lot of history and stunning natural sights, and of course, it has long been of particular significance to sailors and yacht racers. A trip to the Cape is a must for any South African itinerary.

7: Boulders Beach

The 10 Best Attractions in South Africa

If you are going to South Africa to see wildlife, you need to think outside the box because anything is possible in a country like this. Of course, there is a chance to see the Big 5 during a South African Safari, but you can also visit Boulders Beach, famous for its population of penguins – yes, penguins.

This is an experience like no other and is one of the biggest attractions in the country because of this. You will be astonished at how close you can get to these beautiful creatures, and a stopover here will surely be one of the many highlights of your trip.

8: Knysna


Knysna is a stop off on the Garden Route and offers so much to see and do, but one of the main reasons people stop off here is to go whale watching. Some days, you will be surprised that you may spot some whales just by looking out to sea on an average day, but if you want a better chance of seeing them up close and personal, you can take one of the many whales watching tours.

As mentioned, South Africa is a haven for wildlife lovers, so a visit to Knysna has to be on your list, but as well as this, you will find an array of exciting things to do here in this picturesque town.

9: Robbin Island

Robbin Island

For those familiar with the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, you will have heard of Robbin Island, the prison in which Mandela spent 18 years of his life. The island can be reached by boat, and there are guided tours you can do here, which are incredible and are told by former inmates who tell the stories of their own experiences there. This is what sets the prison apart from others and the fact that you can see the cell laid out precisely as it was when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there. This is one of the most popular attractions, drawing many visitors each year.

10: Drackensberg Mountains

Drackensberg Mountains

This World Heritage Site is a place for nature lovers to explore, with some fantastic hiking opportunities and the opportunity to spot wildlife and capture some superb photographs. Located in the eastern portion of The Great Escarpment, this is the highest mountain range in the country and features some out-of-this-world views. There is a vast range of things to do here, such as biking, horse-riding, fishing, climbing, and trekking.

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