Local Cuisine in France

French cuisine is one of the most popular globally, with an average of two cookbooks being published every day, so why would you not want to try some of the world's best food when on a French adventure. Let us give you an overview of French Cuisine and a few recommendations for the best dishes to try.
Local Cuisine in France

One of the biggest things that people look forward to when visiting France is the food – and the wine, of course, and while you are there, you should make it your mission to try as much delectable food and aromatic wine as possible.

Wine is produced all over the country, and each region has various types. The same goes for food, with many national dishes to try and regional and local specialties – both of which your ‘Destination Expert’ can be on hand to recommend too. So naturally, this will make you hungry, but let’s dive right in. 

Here is all you need to know about French cuisine and the most famous foods. 

Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine in France
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French cuisine has been influenced by many of its neighbors throughout the ages, including Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Still, it has gone on to inspire and influence other nations through its culinary culture too. France is a foodie’s dream and a wine enthusiast’s haven, so if you are one of these, you will love what is about to come. We will mention many famous French dishes that are world-renowned for a reason, and although you won’t need convincing for some of them, others are certainly not for the faint-hearted or the picky eater.

There are a few aspects of French Cuisine that you should know. For example, the cuisine can vary depending on the season and the region, aperitifs and digestifs are common before and after meals, cheese, wine, and bread are significant parts of the cuisine, and the French are well known for their delectable sweet treats. French cuisine is so prestigious that many chefs dream of studying in France, and those that have, have gone on to have world-class restaurants. If that is not enough, UNESCO listed French Gastronomy on its list of the world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, an incredible honor.

10 famous French foods

1: Croissants


Croissants are one of the many French foods that have cast a spell on the entire world, and now you can find them anywhere you look. However, the best ones are definitely in France, or at the very least in French-owned patisseries abroad. Known for their flaky, buttery texture, variety of fillings, and classic option, these staple breakfast foods are paired with delicious French coffee. 

2: Fondue

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

This big pot of melted cheese is an incredible dish that you need to try in France if you have not already, and it features many different items used for dippings, such as potatoes, bread, and even apples.

3: French Cheese

French Cheese

Where do we start? Okay, think Brie, Camembert, and Roquefort, to name but a few of the most famous French cheeses, all of which can be found and tried all over France, but we encourage you to try regional and local cheeses throughout the country too, which makes for a fantastic culinary experience. 

4: Baguette


Yes, this long skinny bread loaf, which is served with everything in France, is one of the most famous in the country. It has made its way around the world, but like the other foods listed, a baguette in France does not compare to anywhere else, and be prepared to eat LOTS of bread. The French love it.

5: Coq au Vin

Coq Au Vin

This chicken dish is one of the most famous meals and can be found worldwide, especially in international restaurants. It consists of chicken (traditionally rooster was used) marinated and cooked in white wine, generally served with mashed potatoes or bread. 

6: Bouillabaisse

Photo by henry perks on Unsplash

Originating in the port city of Marseille, Bouillabaisse is a fish stew made up of a mix of freshly caught seafood and olive oil, with a host of incredible added flavors. Can you guess what it is commonly served with?

7: Escargot


Otherwise known as snails, escargot is a top French delicacy that many international visitors think twice about trying. Still, we promise you, if you like oysters, you will love escargot, and if there is anyone that knows how to make a snail taste good, it is the French. It is a typical appetizer or hors d’oeuvre in France, and if you are brave enough, you should try this famous dish. 

8: French Desserts

French Desserts

There is a host of insatiable French deserts, and it is impossible to name every type, but some examples include eclairs, profiteroles, crème Brulee, macaron, and of course, meringue. A crepe can also be considered a sweet treat, which can be eaten both sweet or savory for breakfast or lunch.

9: Foie Gras

Foie Gras

This French delicacy might not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean to say the French don’t love it. This is the highly fatty liver from a duck or a goose that is served with toast or an accompanying dish and can be found just about everywhere in France if you want to try it.

10: Ratatouille


This stew containing a vegetable medley is a hearty French meal that has made its way worldwide for great reason. This dish is full of flavors, color, and texture. This dish generally features vegetables such as eggplant, peppers, leafy greens, garlic, and onion in a rich tomato sauce. The taste can vary slightly by region, depending on which herbs and spices are used, so try a few of these throughout the country to compare.



We could write a whole article about French wine (and that wouldn’t be a bad idea), but for now, let us give you an overview of wine production in France and the best wines to try. France is one of the largest wine producers in the world, and wine is produced all over the country, so you can always find a local wine to try.

The country produces around 7-8 billion bottles per year, so there is plenty to go around, even after exporting a lot. Some of the most notable wine regions are Bordeaux, Champagne, Normandy, Loire Valley & Burgundy, so you can expect to find a range of varieties all over the country.

Some of the most famous wines to try are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Champagne, of course, all of which originate in France and have now been planted throughout the world – except for Champagne which has to be grown and produced in the region of Champagne to be called Champagne. Every element of the growth and production of Champagne from start to finish is protected, so if you want to try authentic Champagne, make your way to the region in which it originates, and you won’t look back.

Food & Wine Tours


If food and wine are a top priority for you when visiting France, don’t miss these cultural and gastronomically themed tours, guaranteed to whet your appetite. 

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