Our Romantic 12-Day Thailand Honeymoon Experience

Check out our romantic experience in the Land of Smiles
Couple on beach on thailand for honeymoon

Our journey of love and adventure began with a dreamy 12-day honeymoon in the captivating land of Thailand. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the tranquil waters of Khao Sok, and the idyllic beaches of Phuket, each day was a new chapter in our love story.

Chapter Trail

Day 1: Arrival in Bangkok

Our Romantic 12-Day Thailand Honeymoon Experience
Photo by Bradley Prentice on Unsplash

As we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, our excitement was palpable. Among the crowd, a driver held a signboard with our names, welcoming us to this vibrant city. The warm breeze and the scent of exotic spices set the tone for our romantic escapade.

Day 2: Exploring Bangkok on Wheels

biking in the rain in bangkok, thailand
Photo by Andre Mouton on Unsplash

Our second day was an enchanting ride through the heart of Bangkok. We embarked on an evening bike tour, pedaling through the bustling streets of Bang Rak and stopping at the revered Turtle Temple. The golden hues of the setting sun cast a magical glow over the city, creating a backdrop that felt straight out of a fairytale.

Day 3: Dine and Cruise Along Chao Phraya River

boating on chao phraya river on thailand during dusk
Photo by Flowdzine Creativity on Unsplash

The third day was a romantic escapade on the Wan Fah Diner Cruise. Drifting along the Chao Phraya River, we savored a delectable Thai dinner while gazing at the illuminated landmarks of Bangkok. The gentle lapping of the water and the soft breeze made it an evening to remember.

Day 4: From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Our Romantic 12-Day Thailand Honeymoon Experience
Photo by billow926 on Unsplash

Leaving the bustling city behind, we flew to Chiang Mai, a city with an ancient charm. Our accommodation, a hotel in the old Lanna style, welcomed us with its serene ambiance. The intricate architecture and lush surroundings instantly transported us to Thailand‘s bygone era.

Day 5: Tuk-Tuk Adventure in Mae Wang

tuk-tuks in a line in chiang mai, thailand
Photo by Chris Arthur-Collins on Unsplash

Our fifth day brought an exhilarating tuk-tuk adventure in Mae Wang. We found ourselves amidst verdant landscapes and playful elephants. Feeding these gentle giants was a heartwarming experience, forging a deeper connection with nature.

Day 6: Unwinding in Chiang Mai

overhead view of a temple in chiang mai thailand
Photo by Tim Durgan on Unsplash

With day six as our free day in Chiang Mai, we took our time exploring the local markets, indulging in traditional Thai massages, and immersing ourselves in the city’s rich cultural heritage. Every corner revealed a new facet of this enchanting place.

Day 7: Journey to Khao Sok

road in khao sok, thailand
Photo by Polina Kocheva on Unsplash

Flying from Chiang Mai to Surat Thani, we embarked on the next leg of our adventure. Upon arriving at Khao Sok, we were whisked away to Our Jungle Camp Eco-resort. The sounds of the jungle and the rustic charm of our treehouse accommodation were a perfect match for our adventurous spirits. It was truly an amazing off-the-beaten path adventure in Thailand.

Day 8: Embracing the Beauty of Cheow Lan Lake

cheow lan lake in thailand
Photo by Polina Kocheva on Unsplash

Our eighth day was a rendezvous with nature’s splendor at Cheow Lan Lake. Swimming in its emerald waters, canoeing through its ethereal landscapes, and exploring hidden caves left us in awe. The night brought a feast of fresh lake fish that satisfied our taste buds and souls.

Day 9: From Khao Sok to Phuket

seaside jungle in phuket thailand
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Bid farewell to Khao Sok, we embarked on a half-day jungle adventure before journeying to the sun-kissed shores of Phuket. The Andaman coast welcomed us with open arms, offering the perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration. Phuket is truly one of Thailand’s most popular islands.

Day 10 & 11: Blissful Days in Phuket

Our Romantic 12-Day Thailand Honeymoon Experience
Photo by Shinjan Bhattacharya on Unsplash

With days ten and eleven at our leisure in Phuket, we reveled in the tranquility of the island. We lounged on pristine beaches, explored local markets, and relished the culinary delights that Thailand is renowned for.

Day 12: Bittersweet Farewell

tourists swimming on beach in phuket thailand
Photo by Akash Rai on Unsplash

Our final day in Phuket marked the end of our unforgettable journey. As we checked out from our accommodation, our hearts were full of cherished memories and a promise to return. Thailand had woven its magic around us, leaving us with a honeymoon that would forever remain etched in our hearts.

Ready For Your Honeymoon in Thailand?

boats in phi phi island thailand
Photo by Sumit Chinchane on Unsplash

Choosing Thailand for your honeymoon means diving into a world of incredible beauty, endless excitement, and sweet romance. Thailand has a mix of different places, like busy cities, calm beaches, green jungles, and old temples, giving you lots of things to enjoy. No matter what you like, you’ll find something special to do here. 

A honeymoon in Thailand is more than just a regular trip; it’s like a magical adventure that makes your love even stronger, set in a country with a lot of interesting history, lovely places, and stunning natural beauty.

Plan your next dream trip with one of our hand-picked, highly experienced, licensed, and insured Local In-destination Experts!

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