Halloween in Transylvania: My Spine-Chilling Tour to Dracula’s Hometown

Halloween in Dracula's hometown
old dam in transylvania romania

The excitement and intrigue reached a fever pitch as I embarked on a 7-day adventure to the heart of darkness, Romania‘s mystical land of Transylvania. Baboo Travel had crafted a Halloween-themed journey promising an unparalleled experience—immersing us in the enigmatic world of Dracula while tantalizing our taste buds with local delights.

Handcrafted souvenirs, traditional feasts, and eco-friendly lodging were all part of this adventure, contributing to the preservation of Transylvania‘s rich heritage.

Chapter Trail

Day 1: Arrival - Bucharest City Tour

Halloween in Transylvania: My Spine-Chilling Tour to Dracula’s Hometown
Photo by George on Unsplash

The anticipation was palpable as we landed in Bucharest, a city where the old and the new gracefully converged. The day began with a visit to Snagov Monastery, perched on a small island in Lake Snagov. The tiny chapel and the legend of the sunken church bell added an eerie aura to this tranquil place. The whispers of the bell’s toll seemed to echo across the waters, leaving an indelible mark on my senses.

Later, we wandered through Bucharest’s Old Centre, where history whispered its tales. The narrow streets, once the stage for public trials presided over by the infamous Vlad the Impaler, now bustled with stylish bistros and cafes. As night descended, we gathered for a comforting dinner at a cozy restaurant, fortifying ourselves for the adventures that awaited.

Day 2: Bucharest - Poenari Castle - Sibiu

Tower of Saint Mary Evangelica Cathedral in Sibiu in Romania
Photo by Sopterean Raul on Pexels

The day was steeped in history and steep paths as we journeyed towards Sibiu. Our route led us to Poenari Castle, a stark reminder of Vlad the Impaler‘s brutal legacy. Climbing the 1480 steps to the ruins was an arduous yet exhilarating experience. The air was thick with the weight of history, and the walls seemed to whisper their tales of bloodshed and valor.

Upon reaching Sibiu, the city’s ancient charm enveloped us. The large square, adorned with picturesque architecture, stood as a silent testament to centuries gone by. We explored its heritage sites, delving into the hidden secrets that lay within.

Day 3: Sibiu - Hunedoara - Turda

landscape in turda romania
Photo by Gruescu Ovidiu on Unsplash

Our exploration of Transylvania’s castles continued as we set our sights on Corvin Castle, a Gothic masterpiece. Stepping into its dark corridors, I could feel the weight of its history—the stories of sieges, prisoners, and legends that echoed through the ages.

In stark contrast, the Turda Salt Mine offered an otherworldly experience. The vast underground cave carved in salt seemed to be from a different realm. The towering galleries and the lake at the bottom left us awe-inspired, reminding us of the wonders that lay beneath the surface.

Day 4: Turda - Biertan - Sighisoara - Bran

Halloween in Transylvania: My Spine-Chilling Tour to Dracula’s Hometown
Photo by Kayle Kaupanger on Unsplash

The day unveiled the Transylvanian countryside’s serene beauty as we arrived in Biertan Village. The towering Biertan Fortified Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stood as a solemn guardian of the land. Its cold appeal seemed to come alive with whispers of forgotten tales.

Sighisoara Citadel, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, felt like a step back in time. Cobblestone streets led us to Casa Dracula and the Clock Tower, where history and folklore merged seamlessly. Finally, we stood before Bran Castle, the epicenter of the Dracula legend—a place that had haunted our imaginations from the start.

Day 5: Bran - Brasov City Tour - Dracula Castle (Halloween Party) - Bran

bran castle in transylvania romania
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

The dawn brought with it a flurry of excitement as we ventured into Brasov, a city steeped in medieval charm. The towering Gothic architecture of The Black Church loomed above us, casting its shadow over the cobbled streets. We wandered through this historic city, absorbing its stories and legends.

As night fell, Bran Castle accepted travel passes for the Halloween party. The castle adorned in eerie decorations set the stage for a night of mystery and revelry. Dressed in our chosen costumes, we mingled with fellow adventurers, awaiting the arrival of Count Dracula himself. The castle came alive with echoes of the past, leaving an indelible mark on our souls.

Day 6: Bran – Pelisor Castle – Bucharest

roof of pelisor castle in romania
Photo by Reanimated Man X on Pexels

The morning sun brought a gentle awakening, and we set off to explore Pelisor Castle. This royal residence, designed in an art nouveau style, transported us to an era of kings and queens. Our local in-destination travel expert relayed stories of its occupants painted a vivid picture of royalty and grandeur.

Day 7: Bucharest - Departure

painting in the sky in bucharest romania
Photo by Czapp Árpád on Unsplash

With the trip nearing its end, we bid farewell to the land of mystery and legends. Romania had unfurled its secrets and woven its tales into our souls. The memories of Halloween in Transylvania would forever linger, etched into my very being. Our custom trip was worth it.


bran castle in transylvania romania bird's eye view
Photo by Nomadic Julien on Unsplash

Baboo Travel’s Halloween in Transylvania tour had been an immersive journey into the supernatural, steeped in tradition and legends. From the depths of castles to the heights of the Carpathian Mountains, every moment had been a thrilling adventure. As I left Romania, I carried with me the echoes of vampire lore and the warmth of its people, cherishing an experience that would forever haunt my dreams. This adventure was not just a trip—it was an unforgettable odyssey through the realms of both history and imagination.

Check out Baboo Travel’s free Transylvania itinerary below.

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