From Madrid to Galicia: Following the Way of Saint James by Train

A pilgrim's trip that's luxurious
Park Guell in Barcelona

Hello, fellow adventurers and wanderlust enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to share my recent expedition—a remarkable 7-day train journey from Madrid to Galicia. This trip whisked me away from the bustling Spanish capital of Madrid to the revered pilgrim city of Santiago de Compostela, tracing the historic Way of Saint James

This thrilling escapade was a perfect blend of culture, history, natural beauty, and spiritual exploration. Join me as I unravel the tale of this unforgettable voyage from Baboo Travel, which also managed my family’s Madrid and Barcelona trip.

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Day 1: Arrival to Madrid

City view of Madrid
Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

Our journey commenced in Madrid, a city adorned with history and architectural elegance. As we landed, a private taxi welcomed us at the airport and whisked us away to our accommodation. Eager to immerse ourselves, some of us set off to explore the vibrant streets and grandeur of Madrid. The city’s heart is a collection of diverse barrios, each exuding its unique charm. From the iconic Plaza Mayor to the bustling Gran Via, Madrid unveiled a taste of Spanish culture that left us yearning for more.

In the evening, we were treated to a mesmerizing Flamenco show—a perfect introduction to the rich tapestry of Spanish traditions.

Day 2: Dive into Madrid

A street in Madrid
Photo by Quique Olivar on Unsplash

Our second day in Madrid was a deep dive into the cultural reservoirs of the city. From the expansive gardens of Retiro Park to the famed Golden Triangle of Art of Spain, we indulged in the artistic and architectural marvels that Madrid proudly exhibits. For the fashion enthusiasts among us, the upscale boutiques of Salamanca were nothing short of a paradise.

As the sun set, we found ourselves once again captivated by the soulful rhythms of Flamenco, adding an extra layer to our Madrid experience.

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Day 3: Day trip to Toledo and Segovia

overhead view bridge in toledo spain
Photo by Thomas Haas on Unsplash

With the sun barely up, we embarked on an early adventure to Toledo and Segovia, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Toledo, known as the “City of the Three Cultures,” was a treasure trove of diverse architectural heritage and rich history. Segovia, with its ancient Roman aqueduct and the awe-inspiring Alcázar, showcased the grandeur of Spain’s past.

After an awe-inspiring day, we returned to Madrid, our hearts and minds buzzing with memories of the day’s explorations.

Day 4: Train ride from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela

From Madrid to Galicia: Following the Way of Saint James by Train
Photo by Rúben dos Santos on Unsplash

The fourth day heralded a thrilling train journey from Madrid to Santiago de Compostela. As we sped through the Spain, the landscape transitioned from the arid terrains of Castilla y Leon to the lush, green hills of Galicia. Anticipation filled the air, for we were about to follow the sacred footsteps of countless pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Day 5: Discovering Santiago de Compostela

santiago de compostela spain
Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

With Santiago de Compostela as our backdrop, we fully embraced the pilgrim spirit. Walking the final kilometers to the city and standing in awe of the magnificent cathedral was a surreal experience. For those seeking further adventure, a custom trip to A Coruña allowed us to bask in the coastal beauty and savor exquisite seafood.

Day 6: Cíes Island Adventure

boats on the water cies islands spain
Photo by Eduardo Casajús Gorostiaga on Unsplash

Our sixth day unfolded as an adventure to the Cíes Islands, an archipelago of pristine beauty within the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. From the breathtaking Rodas Beach to the mesmerizing Alto do Príncipe viewpoint, the islands presented an escape into nature’s wonders.

As we explored the trails, we marveled at the diversity of plant and animal life native to these Atlantic islands. The flora, including gorse, broom, asparagus, and torvisco, and the vibrant birdlife, including cormorants, turtledoves, and gannets, painted a vivid portrait of this unique ecosystem.

Day 7: Farewell to Santiago de Compostela

From Madrid to Galicia: Following the Way of Saint James by Train
Photo by Carlos Torres on Unsplash

As the sun set on our incredible journey, it was time to bid farewell to Santiago de Compostela. We departed with hearts brimming with gratitude, carrying within us the promise to return and relive this unforgettable adventure. Our private transfer took us to the airport, where we said goodbyes to our local travel expert. Each one of us enriched by the experience and eager for the next travel escapade.


From Madrid to Galicia: Following the Way of Saint James by Train
Photo by Adrian Mato on Unsplash

This 7-day train journey with Baboo Travel was nothing short of magical. From the lively streets of Madrid to the serene trails of Santiago de Compostela, we embarked on a path that echoed with the footsteps of countless pilgrims before us. The seamless blend of culture, history, and natural beauty left an indelible mark on our souls, and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this extraordinary adventure. Until our paths converge again on the next travel escapade!

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