Your 3-Day Itinerary to Explore Playa Norte

Embark on a sun-kissed adventure in Playa Norte, a serene beach paradisiacally situated in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. This hidden jewel offers pristine white sands caressed by calm, azure waters. Our 3-day itinerary invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of Playa Norte while discovering the charming attractions of the surrounding areas.

Day 1 – Unwind in Playa Norte

Start your journey with a day devoted to unwinding at Playa Norte. Engage in water activities or simply bask in the sun on the warm sandy beach. The subtropical surroundings and peaceful ambiance provide a perfect setting to refresh your spirit.

Evening Dinner Recommendation: Rolandi’s Restaurant

End your day with a delightful meal at Rolandi’s Restaurant. Known for its Italian and Swiss cuisine, enjoy a savory dinner overlooking the stunning Caribbean Sea.

Day 2 – Explore the Vibrant Isla Mujeres

Dedicate your second day to exploring the vibrant Isla Mujeres. Visit the Tortugranja, a turtle farm, and the colorful neighborhood of Punta Sur hosting the Cliff of Dawn, the easternmost point in Mexico.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shop for local handicrafts or take a leisurely golf cart ride around the island.

Evening Dinner Recommendation: Limon Restaurant

Indulge in a Carribean feast at Limon Restaurant. Enjoy the tropical garden setting while savoring their renowned grilled fish dish, prepared with a unique blend of local spices.

Day 3 – Day Trip to Cancun

For your final day, take a short ferry ride to Cancun. Experience the exhilaration of water sports, explore the bustling local markets, or visit the Museo Maya de Cancun, showcasing the region’s rich history.

Evening Dining Recommendation: La Habichuela Sunset

Complete your 3-day adventure with a spectacular dinner at La Habichuela Sunset in Cancun. Offering an array of Mexican-Caribbean cuisine, this restaurant is favored for its ambiance, complete with Mayan sculptures and a beautiful lagoon view.

This 3-day excursion around Playa Norte and neighboring regions promises a delightful mix of serene beaches, vibrant local culture, and delectable cuisine. Remember, this journey is yours to tailor to your preferences and pace. Your Mexican paradise awaits! Happy travels!

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