Your 3-Day Itinerary To Explore Playa Balandra

Welcome to the unspoiled beauty of Playa Balandra, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of La Paz, Mexico. This tranquil paradise is a haven of crystal-clear water sprawled over white sandy shores. Our 3-day itinerary takes you on a journey to savor the charm of Playa Balandra and discover the enchantment of neighboring attractions.

Day 1 – Fall in Love with Playa Balandra

Begin your journey by exploring Playa Balandra, a breathtaking beach renowned for its calm, shallow waters and iconic rock formation, El Hongo. Spend the day snorkeling, hiking to the top of the hills for a panoramic view, or simply relaxing on the pristine beach.

Evening Dinner Recommendation: Bismark-cito

Conclude your day with a hearty meal at Bismark-cito, a local favorite known for its seafood dishes, especially fish tacos.

Day 2 – Venture into the Vibrant City of La Paz

Spend your second day exploring La Paz’s city center. Visit the city’s vibrant local markets, explore the charming Malecón, and don’t miss the stunning Cathedral of Our Lady of La Paz. For art enthusiasts, pay a visit to the city’s numerous art galleries displaying local and international art.

Evening Dining Recommendation: Tacos Gardenias

Savor authentic Mexican cuisine at Tacos Gardenias in the heart of the city. Famous for its shrimp and fish tacos, this is a La Paz institution you can’t afford to miss.

Day 3 – Explore Espíritu Santo Island

On your final day, take a boat tour to Espíritu Santo Island, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve just off the coast of La Paz. The island is renowned for its stunning turquoise bays, sea lion colonies, and rich marine biodiversity. Spend the day snorkeling, kayaking, or simply soaking in the natural beauty.

Evening Dining Recommendation: Steinbeck’s Restaurant

Finish off your day at Steinbeck’s Restaurant. Named after the American author John Steinbeck who was enamored with the Sea of Cortez, this restaurant offers a fusion of local and international flavors with a stunning view of the marina.

This 3-day journey around Playa Balandra and the surrounding areas offers a perfect blend of tranquil beaches, city explorations, and marine adventures. Remember, this journey can be tailored to suit your preferences and pace. Happy travels in this slice of paradise

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