Best Time to Travel to Mendoza: Discover Nature Masterpiece

Knowing the best time to travel to Mendoza allows you to experience an iconic mix of spectacular alpine views and world-class wine.

You’re about to go on a journey to the wine capital of Argentina and get an up-close look of the Andes Mountains. Are you curious about when is the best time to travel to Mendoza? Sybarites, gastronomes, and explorers will all find their dream destination here.

There is no better time to visit Mendoza than in May, when the weather is great, and you may save money on airfare and lodging compared to visiting during the busy summer and winter seasons. If you plan your trip to Mendoza during the month of December, you’ll have more daylight hours to explore the city. Stay away from Mendoza in January, the wettest month of the year, if you value your dry clothes.

Find out when is the best time to travel to Mendoza!

The Best Time to Travel to Mendoza WINE REGION

Puente del Inca
Puente del Inca - Photo by Robin Amorim on Unsplash

Traveling to Mendoza at the perfect time helps you soak in the experience of the bursty flavors of the green city. Below is a brief description of the region’s weather and climate, so you can evaluate the best time to travel to Mendoza yourself.

Temperatures around Mendoza:

Photo by Santiago Martínez on Unsplash

The Mendoza Wine Region has very diverse annual temperatures. Humidity makes temperatures seem chilly for roughly half the year, but otherwise it’s a pleasant place to live with almost little risk of precipitation. 

When compared to other popular vacation spots throughout the globe, the temperature here is about average (in the 50th percentile for pleasantness). The warmest months to visit Mendoza Wine Region are January, followed by December, and finally February.

Precipitation (rain or Snow) in Mendoza region:

Photo by Federico Hortt on Unsplash

When it comes to precipitation, the months of July, June, and May in Mendoza are your best bet. Midway through the month of April is when precipitation odds are at their lowest. In contrast, wet weather is more likely to occur in late January.

When is it likely to snow in the Mendoza Wine Region? According to local weather stations, the season’s greatest snowfall often occurs in August, and more specifically in the early part of the month. If you’re going to ski in Mendoza, the ideal time to do it is often towards the end of July, when the new snow is at its deepest.

The Most And Least Popular Times To Visit Mendoza:


For travelers, November is the busiest month in Mendoza, followed by September and December. During these months, hotel and airfare prices are at their highest, but you may save money by booking in early. Most visitors to the Mendoza Wine Region stay away in May. Those who are flexible enough to travel at these times will likely find February to be the most affordable month.

Enjoy a Ride of Colorful Experiences

Mendoza is located at the foot of the Andes Mountains in the northern-central region of the Mendoza province. It was the historical beginning place of the Andean Liberation Army and is now not only home to some of the world’s greatest wine routes (a must-see for wine enthusiasts!) but also a top-tier mountain climbing destination.

Here are some of the top travelling destinations in Mendoza:

1. Climb Aconcagua Provincial Park:

Photo by Tom Cleary on Unsplash

Aconcagua is the tallest peak in South America and one of the most popular mountains in the world, owing to the fact that climbing requires no prior training or knowledge. It is located in Argentina and follows the seasonal rhythms of the Southern Hemisphere, with summer lasting until December/January and winter lasting until June/July.

A critical component of arranging a trip to Aconcagua is determining when to travel and ensuring that it fits into your schedule. Crowds and permit charges may vary depending on the season, but the most essential element to consider is the weather and how you can ensure your climb is both safe and pleasurable.

The year can be broken down into four parts:

  • Off-season, running from 21st February to 15th November
  • Low-season, running from 15-30th November
  • Mid-season, running from 1-14th December and from 1-20th February
  • High-season, running from 15th December to 31st January

Off-season, the peak is theoretically available to climbers, but it’s not recommended due to bad weather and inadequate assistance. In low-season, the weather is consistent but cooler and the mountain is quieter. Mid-season is an excellent time to climb Aconcagua since conditions are nearly as good as high season, but routes are less crowded. High-season has the best weather, therefore 80% of climbers visit Aconcagua then.

Take a look at one of the adventurous trips to Aconcagua by Baboo experts:

2. Maipu Wine Region:

Photo by Wikepedia

The Maipo Valley is a major wine-growing area in Chile. The Maipo Valley produces some of Chile’s finest wines and is located just south of the city, Santiago. Many refer to it as the “Bordeaux of South America,” and its most lauded wine is the Cabernet Sauvignon for its richness and fruitiness.

There is a concentration of fantastic wineries within easy riding distance of Maipu, and it is also the most easily accessible and reasonably priced of Mendoza’s wine areas. Getting about on two wheels is the most enjoyable way to discover it!

3. Rafting the Mendoza River:

Photo by Admkahuak

Mendoza is a great place to get up up and personal with Andean snowmelt streams because of the variety of activities available. It is possible to go on a rafting excursion at any time of the year if you are feeling adventurous.

Upstream of the Potrerillos Dam and Reservoir, the Mendoza River is wild and beautiful. In the summer, when the Mendoza River is carrying a lot of water from snowmelt, it generates spectacular rapids with big holes and haystack waves because of the silt it transports. In the winter, when the water is frozen over, the slower currents are perfect for exploring the area’s beautiful rock formations.

What to Pack for Travel to Mendoza?

Travel Items
Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

After finding out the best time to travel to Mendoza, let’s see what to pack for the perfect adventure:

  • Bring quality sun cream if you are traveling in the summer. Keep it in your bag at all times.
  • Having casual clothing in your suitcase allows you to take advantage of the various available activities.
  • If you intend to go trekking, make sure you have good hiking (already used) shoes.
  • The attractions in Mendoza will make you want to save every memory. If you don’t want to miss any moment, bring more than one memory card.
  • Sunglasses are a must-have for day travels to this amazing location.
  • Wearing something formal and sophisticated when visiting Mendoza’s wineries or experiencing the nightlife will make you look elegant and fit in. Don’t forget to pack some!

If you want more detail, consulting experienced Baboo experts will provide a practical guide about packing essentials.

Explore Beautiful Mendoza Today!

Enjoy the heaven-like experiences this place offers, from diversified adventures to delicious food. It’s hard to beat Mendoza’s zest for life at the best time of year. 

If you want to have a hectic free tour to Mendoza or want in-depth details about the best time to travel to Mendoza, the in-destination experts from Baboo would be a perfect choice. Those insured and experienced experts will make your dream trip customized and personalized just the way you like.

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