Best Time to Travel to Iguazu Falls: Discover the Real Crux of Nature

Embrace the majestic and breathtaking Iguazu falls. You’ll fall in love with the picturesque, dramatic chasm of waterfalls and awe-inspiring natural settings unique to this region. Learn more about the best time to travel to Iguazu falls to get one of the most fascinating experiences of your lifetime.
Iguazu Falls

Knowing the best time to travel to Iguazu falls will give you a memorable, formidable, and out-of-the-world experience. The best time to travel to Iguazu falls to explore these majestic falls, featured with some 275 different cascades, drops, and falls, is in September and October.

Water levels in these months are reasonable, and the temperature at Iguazu is comparatively bearable. But why the other months of the year are not so good for visiting Iguazu falls? Read on to find out. Iguazu falls, the tropical terrain, can surprise you with rain at any time of the day and season. If you want to have a splendid Iguazu falls experience, you must try a 10-day tour by Matias. These gorgeous falls are spread over three kilometers on the Parana plateau.

Let’s get to it!

Devil's Throat: Experience the Most Scenic And Panoramic View

Iguazu Falls
Photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash

Iguazu falls, a dramatic chasm in the earth’s surface that one must see once in his lifetime. If you want to experience a panoramic view of the Iguazu Falls, Argentinean & Brazilian Sides, enjoy a 3-day tour by Gabi.

The other way to get a panoramic view of the falls is through Garganta del Diablo or Devil’s Throat. A stunning central point that receives almost half of the river’s flow at once.

 Enjoy a more serene frontal view of the pounding falls from this beautiful viewpoint. Grand rivers seem to drape over the edge like pretty curtains here. It wouldn’t be wrong to say if you say devil’s throat or Garganta del Diablo is, the beating heart of Iguazu falls. If you want to experience the Iguazu falling to the closest, the devil’s throat will make this for you.

Best Time to Visit Devil's Throat

Iguazu Falls - Argentina Side
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

The most crucial thing you need to decide before visiting these magic-like spell waterfalls is whether you want to visit Devil’s Throat in the early or the afternoon. Suppose you want to experience this scenic view of the widest waterfalls in the morning. 

The good side is that we will experience fewer crowds than in the afternoon. Experiencing the dramatic part of the falls comes with only the drawback of the resilient side sun. While viewing the pretty falls, you’ll get the sun along the way. 

Therefore, the best part of the day to experience these breathtaking falls is late in the afternoon when sunlight won’t come to irritate your panoramic view of Iguazu falls.

Best Time to Travel to Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls are remarkable and worth visiting all year, but knowing the best time to travel to Iguazu falls will make your experience not only memorable but also out-of-the-world. 

Suitable Temperature to Visit Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

The Iguazu falls, being closer to the equator, is an impressive natural wonder, accessible throughout the year. But if you ask what’s the best temperature to have the breathtaking experience of Iguazu falls, it would be below 50 F. This temperature is determined as the best time to travel to Iguazu falls. 

You may experience higher temperatures, humidity, and water levels in the rainy season from December to March. The noisy falling water may seem impressive as you experience a good volume of water. 

The downside is you may not be able to access Isla de San Martin, an island located in the river, due to the high water level.

Suitable Weather to Visit Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

Going in the December to March rainy season will make you experience the hot temperature of 85 to 90 F. However, if you love to travel in falls and are used to getting wet, having a wild boat ride under the veil of cascades will be the most adventurous and exhilarating experience you would ever have. It would make you sense the powerful and misty falls more closely.

There is no worse time to travel to beautiful Iguazu falls. However, it’s better to avoid your travel to January and February as it’s not the best time. The primary reasons, January and February, are the holiday months in both Brazil and Argentina. Visiting these heaven-like falls in these months will make you face a huge crowd. 

In summers, you may experience more humidity at that place. High tourism is another reason you may not get a less expensive hotel in summer. 

Therefore the months of September and October are the best time to travel to Iguazu falls. The reason is that here you find the temperature comfortable and favorable to have an irreplaceable and influential experience. 

 The bonus tip is you can find a cheaper hotel easily with the less crowd in these months. The comfortable weather would help you experience 1.7 miles of vast and magnificent waterfalls.

Time to Visit Hiking Trails

Iguazu Falls
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

If you love hiking, explore the nearby hiking trails on Iguazu falls to satisfy your craving. To enjoy these hiking trails to the fullest, the best time to travel to Iguazu falls is the earliest part of the day. 

Or, if you want an in-depth experience of the hiking trails, enjoy Jungle immersion: Iguazu & Mocona, an adventurous 7 days tour from Ignacio, one of the best experts from Baboo.

However, if you love boating, considering coming here later in the afternoon would be perfect. Dare a ride beneath the falls on a speedboat to experience the splashy falls more closely.

Packaging Essentials for Iguazu Falls

Travel Items
Photo by Jonatan Lewczuk on Unsplash

Iguazu falls is an adventurous spot. Before visiting this beautiful place, knowing some of the packaging requirements is essential. 

  • Comfortable shoes would be the best option to support you throughout the journey. Prefer some hiking shoes or closed-toe athletic shoes.
  • If you visit Iguazu falls in the summers, the intense sun can be harsh on your skin. Keeping sunscreen in your bag would be best.
  •  Exploring the most wonderous falls more closely may get you wet through the mist or water splashes. Therefore wearing light and casual clothes that won’t mind getting wet would be preferable for this exciting place. 
  • Bring a waterproof bag to capture the scenic view of the awe-inspiring and misty falls in your camera safety. It’s also a preferable requirement to prevent your other accessories from water. It’s become mandatory for a boat ride as these rides will get you soaked in cold water.
  • If you want to explore the magnificent Iguazu falls in summer, bringing glasses with you will protect you from intense sun rays and help you enjoy the panoramic view of the falls with no hurdle.

Consulting with the best local experts about packaging essentials will help you know further details.

Final Words

Iguazu falls is not just a tourist destination; it’s a blissful and satisfying experience. Viewing the splendor of the falls covered with the scenic rainbow at the best time of the year is overwhelming.

 The best time to travel to Iguazu falls is September, October, and April. Exploring the world’s most impressive and seventh wonder is nothing short of a dream for nature lovers. However, if you feel confused or have questions about the best time to travel to Iguazu falls, an expert from Baboo travel would help.

 Experts also help to guide and inform which time of the day is the best time to visit this wonderful place for the world-class and stunning experience of the majestic waterfalls. 

 Spice up your adventurous trip with a free quote from Baboo’s local experts Today.

Plan your next dream trip with one of our hand-picked, highly experienced, licensed, and insured Argentina Local In-destination Experts!

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