Argentina Solo Travel: Indulge in the World’s Most Serenic Wonders

Explore Argentina's inspiring natural wonders, from dreamy ice fields to dense and lush forests. Through your Argentina solo travel, admire this dreamland's breathtaking beauty.
Argentina's Wonderful Destinations

Being the favorite hub spot for nature enthusiasts, Argentina inspires you with majestic landscapes from rich plains to the rugged jungle and awe-inspiring glaciers that you may not find anywhere on the earth. Argentina’s astounding nature and world-famous cuisine are all waiting to be explored. 

Regarding solo traveling, research shows that activating your vacation mode increases the potential to make you happy. Moreover, spending time alone in the company of beautiful and worth admiring nature places like Argentina is the best way to starve off depression. For this purpose, a solo trip to this mother nature’s gift won’t disappoint you. The reason is the aesthetic wonders of Argentina will put you in a content state of amazement and admiration, accompanying you on the journey.

Let’s get started!

What to Explore in Argentina Solo Travel?

1. Explore Buenos Aires Aesthetics

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Adrian Gonzalez on Unsplash

Buenos Aires is a colorful fusion of European architecture and sizzling nightlife. It’s a place pulsating with vitality and attractive charm, a signature of tango dance. Being the capital of Argentina, this place is worth exploring where the elegance of old Europe crashes against the colorful coasts of Latin America. 

Undoubtedly, Bueno Aires is an admirable city that requires at least three days to explore fully. A place with elegant and impressive architecture, some incredible sights, must-see locations, and relaxing parks. Its colorful Boca district is home to brightly painted homes. San Telmo is known for its antique markets, and Palermo is the place for the city’s most charming and stylish restaurants. 

2. Admire the Stunning and Magnificent Iguazu Falls

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Pau Sayrol on Unsplash

One of the world’s most impressive and majestic natural wonders, Iguazu falls, is a series of jaw-dropping waterfalls on the Iguazu river. It’s a straddling border between Brazil and Argentina. Moreover, viewing these waterfalls is nothing short of a heaven-like experience. The nearby lush forest boasts the beauty of these magnificent waterfalls.

The national park comes with a feature to help you explore these waterfalls more closely through the board rides. If you want to take your trip to Iguazu waterfalls to the next level, consulting with our local experts will be all you need.

3. Admire the Awe-Inspiring Wonders of Los Glaciers

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Hans-Jürgen Weinhardt on Unsplash

The national park of Los Glaciares offers breathtaking scenery of the largest ice cap located outside regions of Greenland and Antarctica. The advancing and retreating cycle of the glaciers inspires you with a never-ending show of thunderous booms and cracking ice. 

After exploring the glaciers in the park’s southern section, if you love hiking, try these 10 jaw-dropping trails in Argentina to visit once in a lifetime. Along the side, getting into the northern section, such as Mount Fitz Roy of the park, will delight you with this opportunity. 

4. Enjoy Snow Skiing At Bariloche

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Federico Persiani on Unsplash

Being the home of swiss style architecture and a picturesque pristine lake San Carlos de Bariloche looks more like a small town in Switzerland. The snow-capped mountains and chocolate shops are best to entertain you on your Argentina solo travel. 

Instead, it’s an enchanting city in the Rio Negro Province of Argentina. Bariloche is home to spectacular landscapes and adventurous sights. If you love snow skiing, the nearby magnificent mountains are a hotspot for this sport, serving as one of the largest skiing stations at Cerro Catedral.

5. Experience America's Largest Mountain in Mendoza

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Nicolas Perez on Unsplash

Being the largest wine-producing region, Mandoza is a popular tourist destination. This place offers you the highest mountain in America named Aconcagua. Moreover, Mandoza inspires you with spectacular scenery and outdoor activities like river rafting and hiking.

At the heart of Mendoza, you will encounter a beautiful attraction, the Independence Plaza. This place has restaurants, shops, and a magnificent building presenting an illuminated and breathtaking night view.

6. Admire the Poetic Scenery of Mount Fitz Roy

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Mount Fitz Roy is the most iconic point in the Andes. Here, the dramatic ice fields and glacier lakes cover the granite mountain in the most sculptured way. Sheer rock faces and rugged terrains are the favorite hot spot for mountain climbers and passionate photographers. For the most extreme adventure lovers, this place is a perfect suit.

7. Explore the Ecological Reserves in Ibero Wetlands

Ibero Wetlands
Source: Evelyn Proimos - Flickr: Flying Over Esteros del Iberá: The kingdom of water, North-eastern Argentina

Located in the northeast of Argentina, Ibero Wetlands presents a vast swathe of the landscape for solo travelers. It’s the best spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts to revel in exploring. Close interaction with the watery world offers you wide rivers, swamps, and beautiful colored lakes. 

Furthermore, this place provides you with a great fascination with horseback rides and kayaking. The ecological reserve is teamed with exotic wildlife, including Anacondas, capybaras, and caimans. Moreover, this place is home to 350 rare animals and many species of endangered birds.

Tips for Argentina Solo Traveler

1. Transportation

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash

The well-developed infrastructure of Argentina offers trustworthy transportation for solo travelers.  Regarding transportation, cabs and Uber can serve you best, but what can be better than Cabify? No one. You can call Cabify another Uber, but it works better and faster than Uber. Also, its interface is preferable. 

2. Safety Ratings

Argentina's Wonderful Destinations
Source: Photo by Paz Diaz Molina on Unsplash

If you are considering Argentina solo travel, the good news is that you will not face any significant safety issues. Here, people often behave with sweetness and kindness. Make sure to keep your belongings close to you. Baboo’s travel experts would be the best option for safety measures. It would save you from the probability of being lost in a new place.

For safety purposes, Buenos Aires is a safe city. Avoid getting out in the streets at night, and take care of your belongings while traveling and walking. Morely, be aware of petty theft. The varied geography of Argentina makes it a volunteer for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

3. Currency

Mil Pesos
From iProfesional - Índice Big Mac: en qué posición del ranking de monedas devaluadas se ubica el peso argentino

Traveling to Argentina may make me feel like getting Argentinian pesos. In Argentina, pesos are a bit harder to get. If you can, bring the dollars with you. It will help you go further in Argentina than the Argentinian pesos. It’s essential to double-check your currency on change to avoid currency scams.

4. Hiring Local Experts

Wonderful Destination
Source: Photo by Gustavo Zambelli on Unsplash

Instead of touts at the entrance, local experts can help you experience the beauty of Argentina more aesthetically. They would help you choose the places worth visiting in this nature-filled landscape. However, the prices of hiring local experts would be higher. But trust me, it would ease your customized and solo trip to a great extent. 

Final Words 

Undoubtedly, Argentina offers to pinpoint mother nature’s hits more fascinatingly. If you are planning an Argentina solo travel, consider checking out these out-of-the-world landscapes to make your trip worth remembering.

To make your dream trip more stress-free and relaxing, considering our local experts will make your customized tour full of fun. Local experts are also a fantastic option if you are short on time but want to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

To accompany you on your Argentina solo travel, a Baboo Local In-destination Expert will help you navigate the places and explore the real crux of inspiring heaven-like terrains.

Baboo gives you an incredible adventure based on your needs: get a free quote today!

Plan your next dream trip with one of our hand-picked, highly experienced, licensed, and insured Argentina Local In-destination Experts!

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