Gonzalo Fuenzalida

Meet Baboo Local Experts

Knowledge is power, and our Local In-destination Experts know their destinations better than anyone else on the planet. They’re also passionate about sharing their knowledge.

Meet Baboo’s Local In-destination Experts

Knowledge is power, and our Local In-destination Experts know their destinations better than anyone else on the planet. They’re also passionate about sharing their knowledge. So, who better to trust with the nitty-gritty details of your next trip than them and their specialist teams?

You’ve decided!

It took a while, but you finally have a clear destination in mind for your next trip. That’s a very important first step because now you can focus your efforts on making the most out of your time. For that, Baboo can be of great help.

The time has now come to get informed about the range of possibilities that await you. Where should you stay? How can you move around? What are the best places to see? What activities should you do? What museums are there to visit? What restaurants should you eat in? Where can you go dancing? There are so many questions. Perhaps too many.

Who can be your best advocate in evaluating all of this important information? 

Information is power

Travel guides, magazines, TV documentaries or even conversations with friends are the sources we typically trust to gather travel information. Yet, if there is one tool that we use most, it’s undoubtedly the internet, where we can find a huge amount of information, photos, reviews, videos, and opinions on practically any place in the world.

On the internet we can find a huge amount of information, photos, reviews, videos and opinions of virtually any place.

Perhaps you’ve noticed over time, however, that the blessing of having such a powerful tool can quickly turn into a curse when you scroll through the overwhelming amount of information available. Simply filtering it down to the most interesting stuff can be a long, tedious and confusing process where we find contrary opinions that can make us doubt even the most basic decisions.

Who said stress?

Well, there are also those who say that travel begins with the preparations, and we are not going to deny it. But when the booking process comes around, the road can become even more tortuous. According to the ‘Online Travel Friction Index’, a study carried out by the strategic consulting firm Magid, the process of booking and buying a getaway or trip online generates stress for 77% of users. The index found that travelers want suppliers to offer them a smooth and easy experience, and also to be able to quickly and effectively manage and resolve any hiccups that may arise during the planning and booking process of their trip.

That sounds great, right? But we all know it’s not that simple. If you’re going to let someone else aid in the planning, who would you trust with such important travel decisions?

Local knowledge

Surely, you’ve experienced the feeling of visiting a city with a friend or acquaintance who lives there. And surely you will have also found that this is the best way to get to know a place, since there is no one better than a local to show you the secrets of a city from its neighborhoods to its restaurants, monuments, festivals and culture.

The process of booking and buying a getaway or trip online generates stress for 77% of users.

So, who better to entrust with the details and planning of your next trip than a local travel designer? This is where Baboo comes in. Our technology lets any user looking for a trip find the local travel designer who can best help them. It could be a trekking trip to Nepal, a honeymoon in the Maldives, a getaway to Buenos Aires or a cruise in the Nordic countries. No matter the destination, we have the local expert for you.

All of our Local Destination Experts are carefully selected and verified for their extensive experience in tailor-made travel design. They also work in teams of specialist companies with years of experience in the destinations in which they operate.

So, whatever your travel personality, our wide range of travel designers spread all over the planet will (together with the help of artificial intelligence) not only find you the ideal trip, but also plan every detail as if they were a good friend who passionately shows you the city where they live.

We put three of our Local In-destination Experts to the test, asking them for some secret spots in the countries where they operate.


Hugo Cozar




Active tourism and adventure travel

Secret Spot

“Beyond climbers, not many foreign travelers who enjoy mountains and adventure sports know about the Mallos de Riglos. For me, they are a very special place, way off the tourist radar, that enthralls hikers, rafting enthusiasts and, of course, climbers. My recommendation is to spend a night in a hammock hotel, hanging from the wall of one of the mallos emulating the world’s toughest climbers. It’s an unforgettable experience, and you don’t have to be an expert climber to enjoy it.”


Linh Dao




Cultural, wellness, culinary and family tours

Secret Spot

“Tailor-made trips for families have always been our specialty. We believe that families traveling together are bonded by the experiences and learning they gain from discovering different cultures and meeting different people. This is especially true on one of our 11-day trips through the most magnificent and secluded places in Vietnam. On this trip, not only will you have the opportunity to contemplate the mystical charm of Vietnam’s varied land and seascapes, but you will also teach your children the value of generosity by helping local farmers tend their farms. You will get your hands dirty with mud, but your hearts (especially the children’s) will surely be filled with appreciation and pride.”


Gonzalo Fuenzalida




Big tours, trekking and adventure trips

Secret Spot

“For me, the best secret of Chilean Patagonia is the big island of Tierra del Fuego. It’s still pristine, vast and, perhaps, as its original people, the Selk’nam (Onas), once saw it. The north of the island is traversed by endless roads, in the middle of which there are pampas and historic ranches where there is the possibility for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking without encountering another human being for days. Once you move south, the landscape begins to change and the sub-Antarctic forests appear. In the distance, there is the Darwin Mountain Range, a continuation of the Andes and gateway to the new Yendegaia Park, part of the now famous Route of the Parks. There is also the Strait of Magellan and the vestiges of its inhabitants. The best way to travel it is overland, sleeping at estancias with tents on the roof of the vehicles and with a trailer (kitchen-dining tent) where our chef creates wonders with local products like fresh oysters, freshly-caught spider crabs and Patagonian lamb.”

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