The Helpful Guide to Packing a Busy Bag for Kids on Family Vacations

What to pack to keep your kids entertained while on vacation
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Are you tired of hearing the age-old question, ‘Are we there yet?’ from your restless little ones during family vacations? Well, worry no more!

We’ve got the ultimate solution for you – a busy bag packed with exciting activities and goodies to keep your kids entertained on every journey. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to stress-free travels with our comprehensive guide on packing the perfect busy bag for your young adventurers!

Why Packing a Busy Bag is Necessary

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A busy bag is a small, portable bag filled with activities and toys that can keep kids occupied for hours. And the best part is, they’re easy to pack and don’t take up much space.

So why should you pack a busy bag for your next family vacation? Here are four reasons:

  1. It will keep your kids entertained.
  2. It’s a great way to avoid screen time.
  3. It’s perfect for when you need a break from parenting.
  4. It will help your kids explore new things and use their imaginations.

Packing a busy bag doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – just choose items that your kids will enjoy and that will occupy their time. If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of resources online with ideas for busy bags (including this one!).

Must Have Items for a Busy Bag

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When packing a busy bag for kids, there are some essential items that you should always bring along. Here are our top picks for busy bag must-haves:

1. Coloring and activity books

These will keep kids entertained during down times or while waiting in line. Look for travel-themed coloring books or activity books with mazes, puzzles, and other brainteasers.

2. Small toys and games

A few small toys or games can go a long way in keeping kids occupied. favorites include travel versions of classic games like tic-tac-toe, checkers, and hangman. Or pack some miniature cars, dolls, or action figures for imaginative play.

3. Snacks and drinks

Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks to keep energy levels up! Individually wrapped snacks like granola bars or fruit leathers are ideal for busy bags since they won’t make a mess. And don’t forget the juice boxes or water bottles!

4. Wet wipes

Trust us, you’ll be glad you have wet wipes on hand when spills happen or sticky fingers need cleaning up. Pack a small travel pack of wipes in your busy bag so you’re always prepared.

5. First Aid kit

A mini first aid kit is always a good idea when traveling with kids – especially if you’re going to be away from civilization for awhile! Include items like bandages, antibiotic ointment, and child-safe

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Tips for creating Busy Bags

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Here are more pointers that you need to consider when packing a busy bag:

  • Choose activities that are appropriate for your child’s age and interests.
  • Select materials that are lightweight and portable.
  • Pack items that can be used in multiple ways.
  • Think about how you can repurpose items you already have on hand.
  • Consider the climate and weather conditions of your destination.
  • Make sure all of the items in your bag are safe for your child to use.

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Alternatives to Traditional Busy Bags

The Helpful Guide to Packing a Busy Bag for Kids on Family Vacations
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

If you’re looking for alternatives to traditional busy bags, here are a few ideas to keep your kids entertained on family vacations:

1. Travel Games

A travel game is the perfect alternative to a busy bag. There are many games on the market that are specifically designed for travel, so you’re sure to find one that your kids will love.

2. Coloring books and crayons

If your kids are into coloring, bring along some coloring books and crayons for them to use on the go. This will keep them occupied for hours!

3. Portable DVD player

A portable DVD player can be a lifesaver on long car rides or flights. Be sure to pack some of their favorite movies to keep them entertained.

4. iPad or tablet

An iPad or tablet loaded with kid-friendly apps and games is another great way to keep your kids occupied while traveling. Just be sure to bring along a charger!

5. Travel journal

A travel journal is a great way for kids to document their adventures while on vacation. They can write about where they’ve been, what they’ve seen, and what they did each day. This is a fun way for them to look back on their trip later on.

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Ready To Pack a Busy Bag?

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Packing a busy bag for your kids on family vacations is an excellent way to keep them entertained and make sure they have everything that they need. With our ultimate guide, you now know what items to include in their bags and how to best plan ahead for the vacation.

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