Do Kids Need ID to Fly? Things To Know About Travel Documents For Your Family Vacation

What documents do your kids need for domestic or international travel?
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Are you planning a family vacation soon and wondering if your kids need to carry identification documents with them? Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, knowing the travel document requirements for children is crucial.

 In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about travel documents for your little ones so that you can enjoy a stress-free trip without any hiccups at the airport. So buckle up and get ready to learn!

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Do My Kids Need ID to Fly For Domestic Travel?

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The TSA has specific guidelines for traveling with children, which you can find on their website. In general, minors who are traveling with their parents do not need to show an ID. It is still recommended to bring some sort of identification with them, though, like a copy of their birth certificate.

Then there are different guidelines if your child is traveling alone. Children ages 5 to 14 are not required to show an ID during check-in, but it is always recommended that they carry some form of ID so they have something to show in case of an emergency.

Meanwhile, minors aged 15 to 17 years old may be required to show an ID. Here is a list of IDs that they can bring with them:

  • Birth certificate
  • Company ID
  • Credit card
  • Driver’s license
  • Learners permit
  • Library card
  • Organization ID (athletics club, theater group, etc.)
  • Passport
  • Passport card
  • Proof of auto insurance in the passenger’s name
  • School ID
  • Social Security card

What Documents Are Needed for International Travel?

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When traveling outside of the United States, you will need a passport for each person in your family. If you are traveling with young children, you will also need to bring along their birth certificate. In some cases, you may also need additional documents such as a visa or immunization records. Be sure to check with the embassy or consulate of your destination country to find out what specific documents are required for travel.

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Alternatives to Identification Requirements

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There are a few ways to get around the identification requirements for flying, although they may not be ideal for everyone. If you’re traveling with children who don’t have ID, you can use a passport card as long as one parent has a valid passport. You can also use an enhanced driver’s license, which is available in some states.

If you’re not able to get a passport or enhanced driver’s license, you can still fly within the United States using your birth certificate and government-issued photo ID. However, you will need to go through extra screening at the airport.

The best way to avoid any hassle is to make sure everyone in your travel party has the proper identification before you head to the airport.

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Traveling with children can be a hassle if you don’t know the appropriate requirements. We hope this article has answered your question regarding whether or not kids need ID to fly and that it has helped make your travel plans easier. Remember, always double-check to make sure you have all the necessary documents for each member of your family before traveling! Happy travels!

If you need assistance with a local travel guide on the documents that your destination requires for you and your kids, it is best to contact our local in-destination travel experts. Since they live in your destination, they know how to assist you at all times.

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