Europe Tales



Traveling to Europe is a true adventure! The continent is filled with diverse countries, cultures, cuisines, history, and languages, making a trip to Europe educational, inspiring and just plain fun

At Baboo, we aspire to provide you with the greatest possible European travel experience. We have traveled far and wide to find the greatest local destination experts.

Visit us to find out more about all our fascinating tours. And prepare for your want to give in!

Your dose of Europe inspiration

Here you can find some amazing travel stories from Europe to tickle your travel bone or just to dream away. Sometimes we travel without moving.

Discovery: Island Paradises

Our recommended destinations for PASSENGERS So, you’re a passenger? Welcome! You are a very special traveling personality, and we are...

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Cities, Beaches and Nature

Five destinations to help you choose between paradisaical beaches, vibrant cities, majestic monuments and dazzling nature. Are you in?

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Meet Baboo Local Experts

Knowledge is power, and our Local In-destination Experts know their destinations better than anyone else on the planet. They’re also...

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An Invitation to Dream

We bet you’re looking for an extra special destination. Perhaps one of those spots that has been on your list...

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