The Islands Of The Bahamas

Bahamas, a blue destination

Surrounded by the third-largest barrier reef in the world, The Bahamas boasts 16 prime destinations, 700 islands and some 230,000 islets spread over 250,000 km2 of translucent Atlantic Ocean

The ocean and its underwater wonders are what give The Bahamas its special and unique character. The infinite and subtle variations of blue and green waters amaze locals and visitors alike, from the crystalline green of Grand Bahama Island to the royal blue of Exuma Sound. Surrounded by the ocean, it’s the fundamental element on which Bahamians thrive and which they proudly share through an increasingly responsible and ethical tourism..

Save the Oceans

Oceans cover 70% of the planet and are the source of life and sustenance for all mankind, not to mention all other organisms on Earth. They are also a vital element in the regulation of temperatures and the production of at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, which is why they have become a priority issue for The Bahamas’ environmental protection department.

PICTURE: Jason Arnold / Bahamas Tourism

Fighting the plague of the oceans

Bahamian environmental scientist Krystal Ambrose, also known as “Kristal Ocean,” has just received the prestigious Goldman Prize 2020 for her fight against marine debris and plastic pollution in the ocean. It was her work and activism that prompted the government of The Bahamas to enact the world’s first law for the total eradication of single-use plastics and polystyrenes throughout the entire nation, which came into force January 1, 2020.

Kristal Ambrose is very involved with young people and has created the Junior Plastic Warriors environmental education program to raise awareness of the issue among future generations.

Marine biodiversity conservation

Founded in 1993 by Sir Nicholas Nuttall, the mission of The Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF) is to raise awareness among Bahamians of the richness of their marine resources. The organization believes that it is essential for Bahamians to become aware of the priceless treasure the ocean provides and to actively participate in the conservation of a healthy marine ecosystem.

PICTURE: Bahamas Tourism
PICTURE: Bahamas Tourism

Restore marine corals

Located in South Eleuthera, The Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub (BCIH) is a center that develops coral restoration techniques to combat coral decline. Scientists, conservationists, local stakeholders, students and experts from around the world contribute to its work.

Its main objective is to innovate restoration techniques and incorporate scientific research in maintaining the genetic diversity of coral reefs, as well as rehabilitate degraded reefs on a large scale. Restoration efforts focus on three key research areas: nursery-reared coral fragments, coral micro-fragmentation and larval propagation.

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The Islands Of The Bahamas

Bahamas, a blue destination

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